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About us

Quality, choice of materials and machines, are the result of thirty years of experience in the footwear sector of our organization.

Pamacom’s goal is customer service together with a high level of professionalism and care. Pamacom is able to provide a wide range of products to meet every need and request in the field of footwear, whether traditional, in leather or synthetic, or produced with injected materials.

Polyurethane, PVC, thermoplastic rubber and polypropylene soles, any type of adhesive for shoe assembly or assembly

Plastic and metal accessories, press studs and rivets, bands and uppers in synthetic or leather and yarns of various types

Technically qualified modelling service

New and second-hand footwear manufacturing machines, completely overhauled

Tannery machines, accessories and raw materials

Complete lines for the recovery and granulation of new and overhauled thermoplastic materials, separators, dust collectors and densifiers for PVC, PE and PP with related accessories

Assistance, spare parts and supply of accessories

Sole moulds for each machine

Moulds for direct injection on the upper, all plastic and PVC boots

Consultancy and technological support both in footwear and in the plastic sector and related materials

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